I was looking for an answer

“Yoga essentially means that in search of well being, you do not look up, you do not look out – you look inward.” Sadhguru calls this “inner engineering”, I call it the complete “spiritual science” which I briefly introduced in my last post. Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21 I […]

My search for a spiritual “science”

Sir Francis Bacon, 1561–1626, is best known for leading the scientific revolution with his new “experimentation and observation” theory, which is the way science has been conducted ever since. Using this new method, much progress has occurred in the physical and social sciences. By experimentation and observation of the physical world, science has learned much […]

Existential Seeking

As I studied all religions, I did find Each one had not always been so kind. When they have acted lovingly instead, They have followed this golden thread. Copyright © 2013 by Ralph Calabria Through these posts, I am sharing my insights with other seekers, those people who are searching, questioning, exploring, and earnestly seeking […]

My Journey

It wasn’t until many years later, after composing the “Religion” poem, (previous post) looking at my journey in retrospect, that I realized I had traversed through a trajectory of those three distinct mindsets. I later termed them exoteric, mesoteric, and esoteric paradigms. My lived experience gave me insight I could not have gained any other […]


How sad, That people who ignore ReligionDENY everything of value in it. How simple,That people who are babes in ReligionDEBATE and argue with each other. How sound,That people who are growing in ReligionDISCIPLINE themselves instead of judging others. How supreme,That people who fully live ReligionDELIGHT in the ever-new joy of Spirit. Copyright © 2013 by […]

Time to Move On

Friends, after eight years of writing this blog, I’ve decided to move on to other projects. It’s been fun, occasionally difficult, and everything in-between. I learned a lot and hope you gained at least a few useful insights. Thanks to Diane for putting up with me and my meandering drafts (she is a wizard!) and […]

To Learn, Compare

Sometimes it’s easier to understand your own beliefs by comparing them with someone else’s. It’s similar to the phenomenon of learning a new language — in the process of learning a new language, you understand your first language better. Recently the hosts of Found Cause invited me to their podcast (70 minutes) in which we […]