Is this really that complicated?

In my last post, the “end of the world” I showed the correct translation should be “the completion of the age.” For twenty centuries, Christianity has said the “Lord” was coming back at the “end of the world.” They have not questioned this “end of the world” or Jesus’ return for 20 centuries. This has […]

Are you striving for the new Age?

I remember seeing a movie with some weird looking man standing on a street corner holding a sign that read, “the end is near.” Yes the end is near, but not for the world, but for the old world “order.” This order is authoritarianism in many forms such as tyrants, dictators, fanatics etc. It demands […]


I Am a DiamondThe nature of my soul is like a diamond. A mystical diamond which focuses and reflects pure light, love. intelligence, happiness from Infinite Spirit. The nature of Infinite Spirit is Creative light, Unconditional love, Unlimited wisdom, Ever-new bliss. Surrounding my diamond Soul! a covering of garbage has accumulated; the darkness of ignorance, […]