I Am a Diamond
The nature of my soul is like a diamond. A mystical diamond which focuses and reflects pure light, love. intelligence, happiness from Infinite Spirit.

The nature of Infinite Spirit is Creative light, Unconditional love, Unlimited wisdom, Ever-new bliss.

Surrounding my diamond Soul! a covering of garbage has accumulated; the darkness of ignorance, anger, prejudice, greed, restlessness, etc. These veils which separate my diamond Soul from experiencing infinite bliss awareness are my false gods.

By allowing them first place in my relationships, I worship and honor them. By not looking beyond them and. beholding Infinite Spirit. I give them power. By not turning within to view my diamond soul, I incorrectly identify with these mirages.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

Unfortunately most people are taught our real nature is sinful, filthy and evil. Teachers mistake the coverings. veils, and accumulations for our diamond souls. These religious leaders ignorantly and violently preach that our essential being is evil.

However, these doctrines are from people with no revelations, no spiritual vision to see beyond or within. Beyond is the holy of hollies, within is the eternal image of the infinite.

If my essential nature is evil, and I must get rid of evil, then I am in grave danger of annihilation!

But the blind stumble on and preach that my “garbage-self” can be turned into my “gold-self.” This is done by each religion differently: ritual, faith, destiny, savior, temples, magic, law, actions, sacrifice, knowledge or Gods.

True mystical vision reveals: my eternal diamond like soul, my transitory garbage-like masks, and my happiness unfolding from ever-new revelations.

© Flowing Fragrance, Ralph Calabria

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