Does behavior matter, do we have a choice?

In my last post, “Is this really happening,” you might have assumed the “God” in the motto is the same God for all.

Well, even though most might agree on a definition for this “God,” such as Eternal, Omnipresent, etc, that is not the bone of contention.

I argue that the biggest disagreement is really the behavior of this God that causes the most anger and comments among people – not the definition of God.

There are divergent views of how this “God” behaves. For example, most fundamentalists insists this God will burn all disbelievers in hell forever. Well, I once had that belief, but certainly now I don’t believe in this God, and I certainly would be crazy to trust in this God. No choice forever to repent and get out; wow what a rotten pickle.

It makes no difference to me, even if this motto, “In God We Trust” is replaced with “In God we Believe” and placed in all schools in Texas and nine other states. Even if it is printed on paper money and stamped on coins. The belief or trust in not as important as the BEHAVIOUR. Sorry about the all caps.

Here is a non sequitur question. Is this motto required to be placed on all USA financial computer transactions?

In fact, I argue that it would be more relevant to print money, stamp coins, and display signs stating, “We Trust God’s Behavior.”

But is He is harsh, or is She is merciful? Can we trust more in the behavior of a Divine Mother or the behavior of a Divine Father? So many questions that were not brought up in my last post. Oh my.

And finally I ask again, why does the Texas legislature, and nine other states, feel the need to advertise, “In God We Trust.” Is it because maybe they are not sure about God’s behavior in the Heavenly life?

Reading history, I know this too shall pass away.

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