Is Charity an Investment?

Vladimir Zelensky urged Congress to support Ukraine. “Your money is not charity, he said. It’s an investment.” I argue it is both.

Charity corrects selfishness and indifference to the suffering of others. Investment creates a thriving and interdependent humanity. Charity does not expect anything back but an investment expects a positive return.

Why is charity and investment needed now? To combat threats, invasion, starvation, torture, destruction and extermination. These brutalities characterize a dictator’s heartless deranged ego. Authoritarian dictators carried out brutality in the Holocaust and the Holodomor.

We all know about the Jewish Holocaust in Germany, but do you know about the Ukrainian Holodomor which the Vatican has recognized as a genocide.

In 1932 to 1933 Stalin initiated a policy that starved the Ukrainians, called the Holodomor. It was a brutal inhumane plan of Stalin’s to suppress the Ukrainian nation, by making them work impossibly harder than ever, and then deprived them of their entire harvest and livestock. By mere possession of food, villagers were shot, no questions asked and millions were quietly and ruthlessly starved to death.

The Russian government still denies the Holodomor was genocide. Putin’s behavior in Ukraine is a version of Stalin’s Holodomor.
And yet, Pat Robertson, a Christian, insists Putin is ‘compelled by God’ to invade Ukraine to kick off the “end times.” This is blasphemy and makes a mockery of Christianity to say that God is instigating such evil. Besides, what makes Israel the most important country in the world that compels God to such evil?
It was not “God” that killed the Jews in gas chambers. (approx. 6 millions), it was the authoritarian government of Hitler. It was not “God” that killed the Ukrainians by starving them to death. (approx. 3.9 million), it was the authoritarian government of Stalin.
Putin seems subjugated by a Russian чёрт, (chort, a demon), not by God. It is Pat Robertson who is compelled by his arrogance and ignorance of “the end times” (really the “end of age”). In a previous post I have explained this error. See my post of 9/25/2022, “Are you striving for the new Age?”. The history of Christianity is striving to take over the world for Jesus. But Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36).
So should we invest in feeding people as my last post showed? These acts of charity are attuned with the Great Spirit’s desire to encourage and support the evolution of humanity.

Aid and investing in Ukraine is holding back the return of the demonic brutality of the Holodomor and the Holocaust. Once again these evil forces have arisen. An inhuman virus that has periodically mutated from Attila the Hun’s time to Putin, who lusts for power to subjugate Ukraine to his will. Putin’s attitude is a gangrenous infection, not to be ignored –else the whole body dies. Charity is the aid to invest in humanity’s future of inclusiveness and generosity.

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