Can humanity enjoy the fruits of science and technology?

“If we want humanity to enjoy the fruits of science and technology rather than use them to destroy ourselves and the entire planet, the most important thing right now is to raise Human Consciousness “
Yoga Master Sadhguru.

But before we can raise the structure of consciousness, we need to remove its impediments. How do we fix this? Raja Yoga, is a complete sacred science system with eight components. Asanas, commonly known as yoga, are but one of these components that relaxes and prepares the body for the others.

“The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind, that without distortion that it may mirror the divine vision in the universe.” Yogananda.

In every culture and each century, this attempt to raise consciousness has been guided by the Great Ones, such as Buddha, Jesus, Yogananda, Krishna, Babaji, etc. Religion and business are essential parts of life. The worst expression within these professions are insular creed and greed which has been the cause of much suffering and death.

I have written before about the evangelical beliefs that guide their thoughts and behavior along with their abhorrent and ignorant attacks such as, “you are going to burn in hell if you don’t accept Jesus”, or “you are an infidel and must die.”

These arrogant statements are not from the highest aspects of Christianity. If you believe these exclusive infantile beliefs, they will keep you from getting “caught up to the third heaven” that St Paul speaks of in the Bible. An expanded consciousness – not a fantasy one – is needed for the individual to enter into the “third heaven,” (οὐρανός “the seat of order of things.”)

Inclusiveness and generosity will guarantee one to enter the second heaven. In order to go higher one must destroy one’s limitations of ignorance with the help of a Guru “A Guru is not someone who comforts you. A Guru is someone who makes you willing to destroy all that is limited in you.” Sadhguru.

Jesus, like all Yoga Masters, spoke of the benefits of activating your “third eye,” What is this? Matthew 6:22, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye (ὀφθαλμός the eyes of the mind,) be single (ἁπλοῦς “good fulfilling its office”), thy whole body (σῶμα “mystical body”) shall be full of light.

In other words, to perceive our mystical “energy” body, with its mysteries – different from our physical body – one perceives this “body” and the realm it operates in with the eyes of the higher consciousness. Just trying to get this knowledge synchronized in our own words for greater understanding.

So, can humanity enjoy the fruits of science and technology? Yes, by reestablishing our spiritual heritage of inclusiveness and generosity. In this new age, world-wide communities of people living by these evolved principles, will guarantee humanity’s enjoyment and sharing of the fruits of science and technology – and Yoga

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