“Ye are gods”

The mission of Jesus was to deliver a message and a method for us to become “gods.” When we believe on him, as a truthful messenger with a message, we become his followers. This blog concentrates on his message, the next one on his methods, and then a blog on how he fulfilled his mission.

Jesus’ message was called “the gospel” (εὐαγγέλιον ,euangélion, a good message, i.e. the word, gospel) or “glad tidings.” Jesus stated it as “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”(“kingdom of heaven”, occurs 40 times in the Bible) Jesus also expressed this message as “ye are gods.”(John 10:34) Since we are created “in the image of God”,(Genesis 1:27), it is a no-brainer that we must be gods.

Most Christians have never heard the message of Jesus, “ye are gods.” What spiritual identity have you accepted?

This message is not fantasy or fuzzy theology. Jesus taught an organized and synchronized spiritual science. Parts of it can be found in the Gospel of Thomas, and other early Gnostic writings. Christ taught that salvation is by personal gnosis (or insight”, for Gnosis involves an intuitive process of knowing oneself. Yet to know oneself, at the deepest level is to know God; this is the secret of Gnosis. Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels.) , as do the Kriya yoga masters of today. Not saved by convoluted doctrines, organizations or by proxy.

Rivals for absolute supremacy, some Bishops with a political agenda, banned and burned these early Christian gospels. Fifty-two of these gospels texts were hidden to escaped destruction. They remained lost for 1,600 years, until 1945 A.D. These texts are very different from the well-known Dead Sea Scrolls, which authenticates Jewish tradition.

In The Cosmic Religion: Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Self, I explain more of this important part of early Christianity. It is available on Amazon.

Belief that Jesus is the savior but ignoring his saving message of “ye are gods” has been the tragic and misguided history of Christianity. This situation is like trusting the messenger but never actually trusting his message. Of course, to me, is seems like nobody knew his message or mistook Jesus for the message. He was the messenger for the most important message.

Most Christians believe that the messenger is the answer to every one’s salvation whether on earth or in heaven – it is his message.

However, death does not automatically guarantee our awakened god-like status or a permanent place in heaven. In fact, St Paul and the Kriya masters, talk of another heaven- the third heaven. I will write about this in a future blog.

Earthly life has no meaning or purpose without following the message of Jesus. Master Choa Kok Sui said, “To live life without a purpose is to live life on a yacht, drifting. Inevitable drifting will lead you to starve to death.”

Satan, whom Jesus called the “Father of lies”, tries to deceive or distract any one from believing their birth-right is that of a “god.” The greatest heresy is to disbelieve that the messenger has brought humanity a truthful message.

I think that most of this disbelief originated from observing the despicable behavior of some humans, their evil thinking, and insensitive feelings. Those individuals have committed a lot of offenses and will need to atone. However, decent people, saints, sages, mystics and masters testify to our true nature.

A boasting ego ignores those truths of Jesus and the Kriya Masters. Like an insecure demanding child, it whines. It tries to maintain its false sense of superiority. It does not want to grow up spiritually. It fears the loss of its ego-created fantasies.

In order to overcome our ego’s tyranny and break its stranglehold, we must use the spiritual energy of Kriya yoga. Jesus speaks of eight battles in this war and wants us to become “he that overcometh.” This spiritual energy and grace wins the war.

The Kriya Masters and Jesus have given us the message and the method. Yogananda said, “The soul loves to meditate because that is its greatest joy.”

Here is one short video (13 minutes) of the the the Hong-Sau technique. Start with five minutes of gently observing the breath. This simple concentration procedure presents a comparison between the greater joy of your soul, and the lack of satisfaction with the compulsive addictions of your ego. Greater focus with this procedure and your ego then learns its proper role in your life.

Because Jesus’ “god-like” nature was one with God, he could raised the dead, healed the sick (blind, mute, paralyzed, invalid, deaf, lepers, etc.), cast out demons, changed water into wine, raising of the dead body, calmed the storm, feed 4,000, etc.

Great Masters, whose “god-like” nature is attuned to the Creator’s Will, have given miracles to others. This is not to prove their greatness, but to prove the greatness of the cosmic message (“ye are gods”). Some Masters have called it their “calling card.”

Meditation plays such an important role in your well-being, and the world’s well-being. I encourage you to start by trusting the message of the messengers, Jesus and the Masters.

Your soul’s “god-like” nature is loving, wise, caring and a blissful image of the Creator.

In this blog, I have provided a link to Ananda’s Hong Sau meditation. Next blog I will provide links to three different groups: one from Sadhguru, Yogiraj, and Choa Kok Sui. Try each and experience which resonates with you. I hope you find a group that resonates with you. If not, just ask.

The mission of the messenger is to deliver the message. An excellent messenger is the living example of the message. This makes it easier for us to believe in the message. Seek and ye shall find the message -“ye are gods.”

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