Earth peace through Self peace

Lessons from Yogiraj


“Earth peace through Self peace.”  -Yogiraj


By Ralph Calabria


I’m back from my weekend at Niagara Falls, NY with Yogiraj.  It was, in effect, a spiritual family reunion with Yogiraj and 48 student yogis.  I felt instantly at ease with everyone. We understood each other. We encouraged each other. We liked each other.

As a Master of Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Yogiraj Gurunath is working ceaselessly, lighting a spark in our souls and planting a seed in us to embrace, embody and support “Earth Peace through Self Peace.”

He is a most advanced yogi, a Master, yet you might never guess his spiritual stature at casual glance. He was friendly, relaxed and humble, yet he also, without ostentation, showed us spiritual realities as only a truly enlightened person can.  He guided our Kriya meditation practices and promised to remain in subtle spiritual contact with each one of us.  Yogiraj said, “Allow yourself to heal and be healed of the negativity of your mind, by letting go of the negative mind, which covers the splendor of your Soul.”


Yogiraj says “quickening human evolution” can be accomplished using Kriya Yoga. The key is self-effort and joining together (i.e., cooperating or coordinating) with the Master as he transmits his spiritual power and awareness. Jesus also taught yoking together with him when he said, “Take my yoke upon you” (Matthew 11:29). This referred to salvation or liberation through the yoking (joint effort) with Jesus.  This type of coupled-together effort is the foundation of all esoteric worship.

Our soul is continually trying to remind us of our real Identity. Our ego, the soul-pretender, is constantly fighting against the promptings from our soul. This creates an internal war – NOT PEACE. Because of this constant internal warfare, the soul-pretender (ego) is not happy. If your ego cannot get its way, then it becomes frustrated, angry, nasty, revengeful, sullen, depressed – you name it – creating a whole host of toxic ripples. These internal destructive emotions ripple outward all day. Multiply the toxic ripples from one person by hundreds of millions people every day.  It is no wonder that our world is in the state it’s in.

Jesus called Satan, “the father of lies.” These lies of Satan keep us ignorant of our true nature or Identity which Jesus stated as, “Is it not written in your law, I said, you are gods.”(John 10:34) Yogananda said, “By higher concentration and meditation and by the contact of God, souls can actually dislodge the originator of evil, Satan and his entities, from the sacred sanctum of the inner body temples. Great saints, after illumination, have declared how the spirit entity of evil takes shape and leaves the body permanently, after highest spiritual attainment.”

Who can calculate the destructive cost to you and the world when you go about life in the same old pitiful greedy, toxic negative way?  Contrast that cost with the benefit you can bring to yourself and the world by “quickening human evolution” and transforming your consciousness.


Yogananda said, “The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy.”  Start where you are – see this link for a beginner-level spiritual practice. Advanced students may be ready for the practice Yogiraj teaches called Kundalini Kriya Yoga. Yogananda, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. also taught similar practices to their disciples. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, connect with a Master to help you. Yogiraj, the Masters, the saints, and sages are here to help us attain joy, happiness, and  Self-peace.

Self-peace occurs when the disruptive ripples of the ego are neutralized.  This gives one the strength to respond in a calm, organized manner in any situation.  Multiply one person’s Self-peace harmonious vibrations by hundreds of millions of people and Earth-peace then–finally– becomes possible.

Another contemporary Guru, Sadhguru, sums it up succinctly: “If we cannot keep our minds peaceful, how can the world be peaceful? The world outside is a reflection of the human mind.”


4 thoughts on “Earth peace through Self peace

  1. With peace in your Soul, you may have peace in your family; With peace in your family, you may have peace in your community; with peace in your community you may have peace in your country; with peace in your country you may have peace in the World. It begins with peace in the Self.

    Keep preaching Ralph!

    Atma Namaste,

  2. When I first came across the concept of “egoic self image” a number of years ago it was like a (needed) slap in the face. Without much effort I identified my alter ego as whom I refer to as “Impressive Man”. In evaluating my past it was very clear that this imposter had a firm grip on my soul and created for me a life of stress and anxiety. At times he still grabs at me and twists my behavior or action but the more I practice awareness, the less he takes from myself. The real benefit of realising this human condition is that I now have empathy for those in the grips of their own egoic self which was impossible prior. Somtimes these egos are socially considered positive as “I’m pretty or I’m the boss”. Some are considered negative such as “I’m ugly or I’m stupid” but both types are imposters posing as our true selves and creating negativity. Doing the self work to identify one’s own ego seems to me well worth the effort.

    1. Micah, thank you for pointing out another one of the benefits of practicing awareness: “empathy for those in the grips of their own egoic self” ( the soul-pretender). All of us who are passing through this stage of our evolution desire to help others.

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